The Highest Paying Online Survey

Find out which Online Survey Companies pay the best, and are the most reliable.

Can you make money online?

In the world of the 21st century internet, money can be made anywhere from starting an online business, to filling out short surveys online. Today we will be covering whether it is actually possible to make money online through these surveys, and which service we suggest. (hint: the answer is a resounding YES!! and we like this website the best)

In short, survey companies pay for your opinion, which may not seem logical to you, but opinions are essentially gold for marketers. Think of it this way, big box retailers would much rather spend a little bit of money on information before spending a ton of money manufacturing their goods, so they can ensure that they are making something that the public will like. It’s a win-win for everyone. You get paid to have your opinion heard, and big brands learn the public’s opinions, so they can make smart business decisions.

How it works

Oftentimes you will create a free account by entering a valid e-mail address and then confirming this address.  As soon as this is completed you can begin taking surveys. For each survey that you take you will earn a predetermined amount of points that will directly credit your account. Once you accumulate enough points you can then trade your points in for “prizes”. These prizes usually consist of gift cards to your favorite brands whether it’s Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Visa, iTunes, etc. or strict cash.

Highest paying survey site

You have to be careful when choosing a service, as some survey sites simply want to take your information, turnaround, and sell that to the highest bidder. Because of this, it’s important to look for reputable sites that have been around for a long time. Our favorite services is Harris Poll Online, because the Harris Poll is one of the oldest and most prestigious polls in the world. The poll is backed by Harris Interactive, which was founded in 1975, and hasn’t faltered since. These guys have been around forever,and are more interested in what you have to say in your survey rather than what you have to say for you contact information. (you can find a link to their website by clicking here)


Signing up for Harris Poll Online

Signup is easy all you have to do is click this link, and either signup through your Facebook, or give a valid e-mail address. Once you complete either of these steps you will have to confirm your e-mail address by clicking a link in the e-mail that they will send you. Note: your information is 100% secure with the company, here is a blurb from their website:

“Your identity and the replies you give to the Harris Poll Online, are completely confidential. In our 45-year history, we have never violated our sacred trust with the public; the answers people gave us have remained anonymous. The Harris Poll Online maintains that tradition by fiercely guarding your privacy. The Harris Poll Online will never release your personal information to any other person, company, or organization without your permission”

Earning rewards

Once you have confirmed your account you can immediately start earning your rewards. For each survey you take, you will earn what Harris Poll Online calls HIpoints, or HP’s. As soon as you accumulate enough points you can either trade your points in for rewards, or save up for more valuable rewards. Harris Poll Online is known for how speedy it pays out rewards, so there will be no waiting on your end. In addition to earning points, you can also earn entries into monthly sweepstakes that the company holds each month. The prizes for these sweepstakes are often worth many thousand points, which converts into hundreds of dollars in rewards.


Should I quit my day job?

No don’t quit your day job. We want to be clear that completing these surveys will not be a means of paying the bills, but merely a way to get a little extra spending cash in your pocket. This is not something that you need to spend hours on everyday. If you just take a few minutes out of your day, you can easily accumulate enough points to get valuable rewards that you can keep for yourself or convert into cold hard cash!

Pros vs. Cons of signing up


  • Earn extra spending cash
  • Only takes a few minutes of your time
  • Your information is 100% secure
  • This requires no investment
  • Membership is free
  • You can cancel at anytime with no consequences
  • No risk
  • Your opinion will finally be heard!


  • You can’t change the password they give you (write this down)
  • Rewards are only given in gift cards (although you can always sell these)


If you still don’t think Harris Poll Online is right for you (even though you should!), try checking out our other favorite survey companies. Since it’s free to signup, we suggest trying a few of these to see which you like better. Here is a list of our top five favorites:

  1. Harris Poll Online
  2. Inbox Dollars (This pays directly in cash and has a $5 signup bonus)
  3. Vindale Research (Pays in cash, $2 signup bonus)
  4. Toluna (Well known company, and similar offers to Harris Poll Online)
  5. MyPoints (Been around since 1996, earn points through surveys, emails, games, and videos)

Although Harris Poll Online is our top choice, all five of these companies are great choices. It’s definitely worth trying out a couple, as each company will have different offers and content.

Happy Earning!!!